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Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are the best way of getting to your public in a fast and efficient way. With Google Adwords, you can reach the right audience for your ads, and with the right keyword research and bid control, generate great returns to your marketing investment.

Google’s algorithms are always evolving, and we keep up with the latest updates and resources to give you the best performance from your Adwords Campaigns. By working with us, your company can focus on it’s activity and land new customers.



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Defining Goals and Strategy

Our team will work with you to get the best understanding of your goals with an online advertising campaign, and come up with the right strategy. PPC campaigns are only a part of a larger marketing effort, that must be coherent with the brand’s efforts in other channels.

Keyword Research and Targeting

After we know your company and your goals, we can find out how your potential customers are using Web Search to get what they want. Keyword research involves getting to know the terms your customers will type when using Google,so that your business appears for them at the right moment. We can also make sure the right people see your ads using Targeting tools, which enable us to choose details like the language, region and profile of the audience that sees your Ads.



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Running and Monitoring the Campaign

Keywords selected, it’s time to start the campaign. Running an Adwords Campaign involves constant monitoring of several statistics, including the bids you and your competitors make for each keyword, the conversion rate, the time people that click your ad stay on your website, and much more. In order to obtain even more results, the Remarketing tool can be used to get customers who already considered your product, but did not choose to make the purchase yet.

Testing and Optimizing

By monitoring the results, we can get feedback on what works and what needs to change, and constantly test new approaches to the Campaign Ads. Optimizing the Title and description of the Ads, the Landing Pages, and the value of each Bid can have a huge impact on the performance of your Campaign on the long run too.



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Why Hire Us For Your Campaign?

Managing a Pay Per Click Campaign can generate great results, but is also a complex task. Usually, business owners try it on their own, but then realize that to get an actual Return on their Investment, they need something else. We are to here to help: Our team has years of experience in managing Google Adwords Accounts, and knows the system inside-and-out.

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