Display Network


Another option for advertising online is using Display Networks. The most famous is the Google Display Network (GDN), which can reach over 90% of internet users across more than 2 million sites.


With the Remarketing Tool, it is possible to display ads to people who have already interacted with your website before, while they are browsing other websites. This increases a lot the chances of getting people to buy or ask for a quote of your services.

Managed Placements

An advantage of the Google Display Network is allowing companies that know their audience to target their ads at their potential customers through many ways. With the Managed Placements tool, our team can control exactly which websites are going to display your business’ ads, making sure they are displayed at sites that are relevant for your customers.

Escalate Campaigns with Audience Targeting

After reaching customers that have been at your website, and showing up at the few most relevant websites for them, the next step is to display ads utilizing the Audiences targeting. This tool allows our Adwords Managers to display efficient Ads at thousand of websites that are related to your products or services. This can escalate the results of your campaigns in a significative way, but it can also be a bad investment if poorly managed. Our team has experience in dealing with Display Advertising and can generate increasing results with the right budget.

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