The Brand of a company defines how their customers perceive it. It can be seem as it’s personality. Not only the image and logos, but also the personality of a company and how it interacts with customers are part of a Brand.


Branding Strategy

Developing the strategy of the brand is vital to define how customers perceive your company. A good brand strategy helps with consistency during the campaigns, and can bring focus to your employees. It will also influence in how efficient and aligned with the company’s goals your marketing efforts will be.

The first step in formulating a Brand Strategy is defining the purpose of the company: what is the vision the moves it’s members, why do they work, and do they aim to achieve (aside from profit). With that in mind, a plan consisting of the goals for the branding process is created, saving effort and providing guidelines for the next stages of the process.

Having the strategy in mind, the creation of a image for your company begins. In this stage the team works to carefully elaborate a logo, typographies and the colour palette. The name and form of your identity are constructed in a collaborative process, making sure they represent the essence of the company and that they can make you stand out from the competition.


Visual Identity and Design


Guidelines for Speech and Writing

The importance of having the right guidelines for the brand can’t be overestimated. The speech and writing of your company must be consistent, in order to facilitate Brand Recognition and the connection with your customers. Guidelines for how the interaction with your audience should happen, including with social media, are what guarantees that consistence.

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